Bodrum Kitchen

Bodrum Kitchen was created in late 2015 by Turkish restaurateur duo, Alex Isik and Nigar Ivgen.

Their inspiration stems from the ancient culture of Bodrum itself, a port city inMuğla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey.  Bodrum is renowned as a major tourist attraction thanks to its beautiful coastline, typical Mediterranean climate and a plethora of historical sites such as the original Mausoleum ( Built in honour of King Mausolus by his wife Artemisia II after his passing away in 353 BC )

The city showcases a marriage of Mediterranean cultures imbedded in 5000 years of dominant civilizations such as the Persians, Macedonians, Byzantines and the Roman Empire.  Most importantly, Bodrum’s cuisine has been beautifully preserved in time, offering countless traditional favourites such as menemem, sigara borek, loukamades, moussaka, dolmades, and of course lahmacun.

Bodrum Kitchen’s philosophy is a simple one: To transport you to the shores of the magical coastal city named Bodrum, where you can experience a piece of the Mediterranean with our beautifully crafted food, friendly service and tranquil atmosphere.

Protected by Blue

The predominant colour on any Evil Eye is blue, which is believed to a protective colour.  It’s no coincidence that front doors and window frames of the traditional white Mediterranean and Aegean sugar cube houses are painted blue – to ward off evil spirits.

eyes on you

In Turkey, whatever activity you’re doing – shopping, walking, eating, traveling in a vehicle, you’ll see plenty of Evil Eyes “Nazar Boncugu” looking at you.  They’re embedded in concrete in pavements and walls, hanging from rear-view mirrors, on display in restaurants and bars, and offered for sale in every craft stall, market and souvenir shop.